Sunday, July 25, 2010

Successful Garr Reunion

The reunion was a success - because so many great people came!

Thank you for coming, it was wonderful meeting everyone. Some people brought genealogy, some pictures, some family stories, another a reprint of the Fielding Garr book, everyone brought good humor and smiles. It looked like most people had a good time visiting with each other. We probably had about 90 attending.

The next Fielding and Paulina Garr reunion will be in 2015, most likely at the ranch house again, on one of the Saturdays around July 24 (the 18th or 25th). The organizer will get information out at a later date.

The name Garr was Gaar in Germany, and probably from the Middle High German word gar, which meant ready or prepared. (from That is why most of the magnets have the word "prepared" written on them.

Below are a few photos from the reunion.
Thank you to everyone who helped, who came, who participated!

Getting ice cubes out of water with your feet was probably the most refreshing activity of the afternoon!

One of the Garr families.

The oldest Garr descendant is in this group of Burton/Garr cousins.

The youngest Garr descendant sleeps away the afternoon.

Garrs with blue eyes

Some of the descendants have worked as volunteers out at the ranch and done a lot of research on the Garr family, others worked on getting the Fielding Garr reunion started twenty years ago.

6'4" was the tallest Garr descendant at the reunion. In addition, twins - another Garr trait!

Garr descendants who live closest to the ranch.

A Garr descendant who still farms.

Garr descendant with the most children.

Waiting in the sun for the photo to be taken.

God Bless!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fielding Garr Descendants Family Reunion

July 24, 2010
2 - 5 PM
Fielding Garr Ranch House
Antelope Island

Welcome at 3 PM
Bring your own water
Bring potluck appetizer, snack or desert if you can
Lawn chairs might be comfortable
$9.00 park fee (per car)
Insect repellent is also advised.

If you can't RSVP - come anyway - we'll be there.

To RSVP and questions email:

We'll have a few games and tables set up to share family histories.

YOU are invited to upload any links, general Garr family history or photos to this blog.

Why are we doing this?
About eight years ago my family attended a Garr reunion at the ranch house and I volunteered to organize the next reunion, to be held five years later.

Didn't happen.

But, this year it will!
More information to come.